Local Information

Κavala, known through out Greece as the "Blue City", the former "Mecca of Tobacco", having been the center of intense tobacco trading activity during the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the mountain range "Simvolo".

It is rated as one of the most beautiful and graphical cities of Greece, due to its unique appearance and privileged location at which it was built. Capital of the homonymous prefecture, which is located between the rivers Strimona and Nestos, which form its natural boundaries. The city’s position, next to the sea and on the route of the Egnatia Highway, with driving destination 2 hours from Thessaloniki (165 km), it neighbors with the prefectures of Serres (West), Drama (North) and Xanthi (East), making it an ideal proposition for vacation.

Upon entering the city, one sees the city unfolding amphitheatrically among the slopes of the mountain range that surround it and the Northern shore of the Aegean Sea. Kavala is a big touristic area and has touristic characteristics alike the most beautiful summer and winter destinations of Greece, even Southern Europe, with the island of Thassos and the coastal zone of the rest of the prefecture being distinctive due to its variety in land scapes and clean beaches. Kavala is connectede with the rest of Greece by land, air and sea transportations and with Europe with charter flights.

In the city of Kavala, one can see and visit:

  • The Arches of the Medieval Aqueduct
  • The Old Town of Panagia
  • The Castle of Kavala
  • The House of Mehmet Ali
  • The Statue of Mehmet Ali
  • The Light House
  • The Monastery of Lazaristes
  • The Big Club
  • The Adolf Wix Building
  • City Hall
  • The Statue of Victory
  • The Tokou  Mansion
  • The Public Musical Academy
  • The Public Tobacco Warehouse
  • The Archaeological Museum
  • The Tobacco Museum
  • The Public Folklore Museum
  • The Historical and Ethnological Museum                                                                                                                        

Also, one of the oldest and most important festivals that takes place in Greece, the second in longevity after the Festival of Epidavros, is the Festival of Philippi where concerts are organized, ancient drama plays, and other festivities in the ancient theatre since 1957. The festivities take place from mid July till the beginning of September.

Oceanview Beach Hotel has a distance of 5 km from the panhellenically known beach of Ammolofi.

The prefecture of Kavala is suitable for many different forms of tourism, as also the neighbouring prefectures of Serres, Drama and Xanthi. With Oceanview Beach Hotel as your starting point, you can organize short, one day excursions and visit the following places:

In the prefecture of Kavala:

  • Religious Tourism : Baptistery of Saint Lydia,  Philippi, The Monastery of Eikosifinisas
  • Archaeological Tourism : Archaeological Site of  Philippi, Ancient Theatre of Philippi, The Ancient Egnatia Route
  • Medicinal Tourism : The Thermal Baths of Eleftheres, The Mud Baths of Krinides
  • Nature-loving Tourism : The Delta of the Strimonas River, The Delta of the Nestos River, The of the Nestos River, The Paggaio Mountain Range for trekking : 1) Mesoropi – Juction of Voskovrisis – Shelter of E.O.S. Kavalas, 2) The Monastery of Eikosifinisas – Ambari – Nikisiani
  • Oenological Tourism : Estate Vivlia Hora, Protopapas Winery, Tsikrikonis Winery, Simeonidis Winery
  • Winter Tourism : Ski Center of Paggaio 

Distances in kilometers from Oceanview Beach Hotel:

  • Kavala - 28 km

  • Chrisoupoli Airport - 58 km

  • Thessaloniki - 137 km

  • Drama - 64 km

  • Xanthi - 84 km

  • Serres - 94 km

  • Athens - 652 km

  • Thermal Baths of Eleftheres - 14 km

  • Mud Baths of Krinides - 45 km

  • Archaeological Site and Ancient Theatre of Philippi - 44 km

  • Baptistery of Saint Lydia - 45 km

  • Thessaloniki Airport - 154 km

You can organize short, one day excursions and visit the following places in the neighbouring prefectures of Serres, Drama and Xanthi:

  • Archaeological Site of Amfipolis, Serres
  • The Lion of Amfipolis, Serres
  • Hamam of Agistro, Serres
  • Hamam Sidirokastro, Serres
  • Alistratis Cave, Serres
  • Ski Center of Falakro, Drama
  • Short Film Festival of Drama (November)
  • Carnival of Xanthi
  • Festivaties of Palia Poli of Xanthi (Beginning of September)
  • The Winery Macedon of Nico Lazaridi (Platanotopos), the Chateau of Nico Lazaridi (Agora), Domaine Costa Lazaridi (Adriani), Estate Techni Oinou (Mikrochori), Estate Pavlidi (Kokkinogia), Estate Giorgou Manolesaki (Adriani)

Finally, a trip to Thessaloniki for shopping at its stores and malls, and also for coffee at Aristotelous Square and the sea front is recommended.